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All works posted in 2009 are my own. Those posted in 2008 are works included in a fanbook which I produced, and I have the artist's permission to use them as I see fit. Please see the journal entry to your right.


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ummm...not interesting?
United Kingdom
Not all of work under this account belong to me, although I have permission to use them all. All works posted in 2008, are illustrations/covers/works included in a Chinese fanbook, which is produced by me, and I have consent to post these work as I see fit. The wallpaper I did myself, though the drawing I did not. I am not trying to take credit for my friend's work, it's because they are probably not aware of DeviantArt, and I thought the pairing needed some good quality work.

All the works posted in 2009, however, are by me. I've only recently starting doodling, so you can see the quality differences, again, I'm not an artist myself, I much prefer words.

If anyone deems the sharing of this account, in some ways, inappropriate, please do leave a comment, and I shall delete the others work. It'll be a shame though, I don't draw half as well as they do. So I guess you can all kick me out of your DeviantWatch from now on.

Many apologies for anyone who feels insulted, and thanks for all the kind comments.:)

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I would like to know how to purchase the chinese fanbook on Kaito KID / Detective Conan you produced :aww:
It's sold out I'm afraid...>_<
Noooooooooooo *cries heavy tears*
Any chance for a second print run? *puppyeyes*
e-antoine Oct 1, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Welcome to dA :D
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